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Providing YOU with a healing community.

We provide with a healing community.



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SCION is a monthly meeting were a presenter tells their story. Topics range widely and are selected by the presenter. This is followed by a question and answer period where the audience can ask questions or provide feedback.


This offers all involved a way to learn how to cope and deal with adversity and issues in a healthy way. A psychiatrist and other mental health professionals are always present to provide insight and knowledge on the topic presented.


This all takes place via Zoom and we have participants from across the nation. Join us today!

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Monthly Online Session For Law Enforcement

Each month an officer shares their story of mental health struggles and resilience.


Support Your Fellow Officers

The presenter will ask you for guidance and for advice on how to promote their personal wellness and mental health.


Nationwide Network

Mental health struggles and wellness don't follow local laws, and affect law enforcement all over the world.

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Join our next online meeting. Support fellow officers!

SCION promotes the mental well-being of police officers
nationwide by providing meetings via an online network.