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I enjoy these life stories from other officers, it shows how human we are and not robots. That hey that person is or was going through the same thing you might be and it’s ok to talk about it and not be judged but to have someone listen.



Attend Our Free Monthly Online Meetings

Each month, using the zoom online conferencing app, a presenter shares their story of mental health struggles and resilience. The presenter asks the group for guidance and support. The stories are preceded by a short 10 minute talk about a mental health topic that relates to the story, such as anxiety, PTSD, visualization, suicidal thinking, EMDR, and medications. 

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SCION Structure

A host group of law enforcement and mental health professionals will facilitate meetings.  Meetings will offer education, peer support, and clinical guidance.   Participants will join remotely on phones or laptop. 

Meetings are scheduled for 90 minutes and follow a general structure:

  1. Introductions and announcements.
  2. A brief (10 minute) didactic to promote self-care.
  3. A personal story from an officer about wellness challenges. 
  4. Any immediate feedback, comments, or questions.
  5. A question from the storyteller to the group to help promote their own self-care, which has been preceded by any needed context for the question. 
  6. A relevant discussion