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When a new user registers an email we be sent to  That should then be sent to  


Once the person is verified as an LEO, follow these steps to grant access:

Step 1: Login to Admin Account

You must be logged into a administrator account to approve new registrations.  If you can view this page, you have an admin account.

Step 2: Go to Users in Admin Menu

In the Admin Menu, click on “Users”.  You will see this screen:

Screen capture of users page.

As you can see, we have a new registration.  New registrations will have a “Role” of “Pending LEO” and a “Status” of “Pending Review”.

Step 3: Approve the New User

Now you should check the box next to the pending user name.  Then, above the table, click on “Change role to” drop down and select “Confirmed LEO.”  It should look like this:

Screen capture of users page.

Click “Change” to make the change official.  The screen may refresh.  


Next, we will click the “UM Action” drop down and select “Approve Membership.”  Click “Apply.”  Again , the screen may refresh.   


You are done and the user now has access to the member only areas when signed in.

Meetings can now be displayed on our website.  Alternatively, using the Zoom app or website works just the same.  We create a new meeting post for each meeting.  

Step One: Login in an Admin Account and go to the administrative dashboard

Step Two: Hover over "Posts" and click on "Add New"

Step Three: Creating the Post

    1. Enter a title for the post.  Use the format: “March 2020 – Scion Meeting – Speaker Name”
    2. Change the category to “Upcoming Scion Meetings”
    3. Upload the flyer to the featured image tab on the right.
    4. Click on “Edit with Elementor”

Step Four: Finishing with Elementor

    1. Click on the Folder Icon as shown in the picture.
    2. A window will pop-up, click on “My Templates” on the top of the window.
    3. Hover over “Meeting Template” and click the green “Insert” button.
    4. Click “yes” on the pop-up.
    5.  Enter the appropriate information on the page (i.e. date, speaker name, and topic).

When a meeting has completed, we need to change the post category so it no longer shows as an upcoming meeting.

Step One: From the meeting page, click on "Edit Post" from the top admin bar.

Step Two: Change the category to "Past Scion Meetings". Make sure to clear the checkbox in "Upcoming Meetings" category.

Click on “Update”.  You are done.