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SCION Presents: Det. Ben Melendrez

Detective Ben Melendrez has been with Albuquerque Police Department for twenty years and with the Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) for the last five. In 2020 he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. His fellow officers were critical during his recovery time. Login to this month’s SCION session and hear how Det. Melendrez dealt with his diagnosis, how his LEO family helped, and what he did to find post-traumatic growth. 


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  • Date:  Thursday, May 19, 2022
  • Start Time:  10 AM MST
  • Host: Sgt. Jeff Bludworth
  • Zoom Meeting ID: Click Here
  • Guest Speaker:  Det. Ben Melendrez
  • Agency:  Albuquerque Police Department
  • Topic:  Post Traumatic Growth 
  • Zoom Meeting Link: Click Here