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our story

The Self Care Interactive Online Network (SCION) was started by detectives and mental health professionals in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We stared with online police mental health crisis intervention training, and realized the need and demand for self care topics,  Knowing this, we wanted to offer a safe and free way for officers to support each other throughout the country, share their stories, and give each other support. 


Who we are

We are officers and mental health professionals who are dedicated to the wellbeing of all law enforcement. We are based in the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), but partner with others throughout the country, and the world (talking to you Canada!).  

Our Team

Detective Jeffery Bludworth

Jeff has been with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2012. He is currently assigned to the Albuquerque Police Academy Advanced Training Unit.


Prior to being an Instructor at the Academy, Jeff was assigned to the Crisis Intervention Unit for a year and half. Jeff was also assigned Field Services Bureau for 5 years. He was a Bicycle Patrol Officer and is Enhanced Crisis Intervention Certified.

Detective Ben Melendrez

Detective Ben Melendrez

Ben has served with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2003 and is currently assigned as a detective in the Crisis Intervention Unit. He has spoken on the topic of mental health and officer wellness at several national conferences and works closely with the Behavioral Sciences unit at APD.


Before becoming a detective he served 14 years as a uniform police officer. Prior to joining the police department Ben served in the U.S. military.

Nils Rosenbaum

Nils Rosenbaum, MD has worked with the Albuquerque Police Department for more than 10 years. He spent most of his career working along side detectives and other clinicians in the crisis intervention unit. He is also the director for Albuquerque Police Department’s behavioral sciences. 

Melissa Schultz

Melissa is the coordinator for APD’s Peer Support Program, a wellness initiative designed to offer emotional support, shared experience, and local resources to APD personnel.  Melissa received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from New Mexico State University. 

She is a certified trainer for suicide intervention and trained in both individual and group crisis intervention.  Melissa is recognized as a law enforcement professional lecturer by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.